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For a government, smart means being connected to its people anytime, anywhere. It means hearing its customers and the public and engaging them in its policies and services in an interactive environment that enhances the happiness of the community. This is our vision of the concept ‘Government with You’. We have the earnest desire to apply this concept in practicality. Hence, we invite you to participate through all our available channels. We are all ears! Do not hesitate to share your feedback.


Electronic mediation

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Electronic mediation is a modern and innovative way to resolve commercial disputes and achieve economic balance ... Read more

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The Community Design platform for Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a key pillar of the UAE’s society. For this reason, the UAE Government is keen to engage all segments of the community including the private sector in co-designing human-centric and sustainable solutions.

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Emirati Children’s Parliament

The Emirati Children’s Parliament recognises children’s right and capability to participate in the decision-making process. It gives them the opportunity to engage in the national issues and future developments of the UAE. It aims to familiarise them with their rights and prepare them for their societal roles.

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Building civic capacities in eParticipation

The Government of the UAE has given great importance to eParticipation and leveraging modern technologies and ICTs to engage all segments of its community in developing public services and future plans and strategies.

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Design the future of the UAE

The UAE Government invites you to take part in designing its future. Choose a field of your interest and share your creative ideas. Let’s get designing the next 50 years and realise the goals of the UAE Centennial Plan 2071.

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Share your joy

After the outbreak of #COVID-19, the UAE started witnessing a new culture of simple marriage celebrations. If you are about to get married soon, share your details with us. Your wedding ceremony may have a small audience in physical attendance, but we want the whole nation to celebrate it from afar.

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Emirati personality

H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, tweeted a list of 10 characteristics that Emiratis should display when using social media. These characteristics reflect the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s principles and ethics, the UAE’s culture and civilisation and the modesty and goodness of Emiratis as also their love for others and ...

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Design Your Life

Dubai Council is inviting Dubai’s citizens to propose ideas and suggestions to advance the quality of life in their neighbourhoods. Share your requests for public facilities, playgrounds, parks, jogging tracks or any other services your desire. AED500 million is allocated to implement your requests.

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The 50-Year Challenge

Can you design the next 50 years of the UAE? Can you design innovative solutions to achieve zero per cent accidents, zero per cent carbon emissions, zero per cent child obesity and zero per cent plastic by 2071? If yes, submit your idea through the website of the UAE Innovation Month. The challenge is open to both citizens and residents.

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Zayed, the inspirer

The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan taught us that inspiration creates opportunities. The world is full of inspiring stories that influence the lives of others and motivate them towards success, creativity and excellence. Read some success stories in the UAE and the world and share yours here.

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Be a part of the UAE’s selfless tradition of charity. Register in the UAE’s unified portal for volunteering and learn about the volunteering opportunities listed by private and public entities across all emirates and volunteer for the opportunity that matches your interest.

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Largest public consultation on internet security between Abu Dhabi Police and youth

Abu Dhabi Police set a new record by gathering the largest number of people in a group consultation on cyber security. The discussion titled ‘Youth and Internet Security’ touched upon a number of topics like cyber security, challenges, personal security and smart gadgets.

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Dubai Health Authority… Public suggestions always valued

Dubai Government seeks to involve the public in making its decisions and policies concerning people. Its departments and authorities collect opinions and suggestions and receive complaints from the public via its contact channels. Read about some of the examples of successful projects based on suggestions and ideas of the public.

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UAE Government Annual Meeting to discuss the future of UAE till 2071

In one of the biggest UAE government participation sessions, the UAE Cabinet has announced that in September 2017 it will hold a nation-wide meeting for representatives of all UAE government entities at the federal and local levels to discuss challenges and strategies related to the country’s five-decade national development plan, known as annual ...

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National brainstorming session

H. H. Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, called for citizens to join the largest national brainstorming session via Twitter using the hashtag #uaebrainstorm or by email to Sheikh Mohammad added, “Within three days we received more than 50,000 ideas to ...

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National Digital Participation Plan

National Digital Participation Plan on the UAE’s official portal

The UAE has been at the forefront in applying the Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for participatory decision-making and rendering better government services to public. To this end, the Government has initiated a comprehensive, documented mechanism in the form of a National Digital Participation Plan.

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