As part of our efforts to reach people with limited mobility and accessibility to the UAE Government services, we have designed this portal with enhanced features that will ease the experience of dealing with the UAE Government. Following are some of the features on our portal that aim to benefit people with different abilities.

This portal is made accessible to you by combining features from the portal and the browser. Here are some of the accessibility features of the portal:

Site map

The UAE mGovernment follows the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to maintain the structure of web content and ease navigation of the website. This makes browsing and accessing information and services easier.

Responsive web design

The design of this portal is optimised for different screen sizes such as those of mobile phones, tablets, desktops and TVs.

Ability to zoom

If you are having difficulty reading a text or viewing images, you can select ‘Zoom’ from the browser option to zoom in and enlarge the screen. 

Ability to change text size

If you experience difficulty reading the text on the computer screen, you can enlarge or reduce the text-size by clicking on the A+ or A- icons at the bottom of the webpage. Alternatively, you can press the Ctrl and + key to increase the text size, or Ctrl and - keys to decrease the text size. Pressing the Ctrl and the number 0 keys resets the default size.

Ability to change colours

If you find it difficult to read text against the background of a certain colour, you can easily change the colours by clicking on the ‘black and white’ icon in the footer. 

Alternatively, you can also adjust the font size setting of your browser. 

Internet Explorer: Click on the ‘Tools’ menu or press the Alt + T keys. Then click on ‘Internet options’ or press the alphabet O. Then, click on ‘Accessibility’ or press Alt + E. When the accessibility options are displayed, check the box next to ‘Ignore colours specified on web page’ using the mouse or by pressing Alt + C. Save your changes by clicking on the ‘OK’ button or by pressing ‘Enter’. You will be taken back to the ‘Internet options’ window. The website will now be using the same colour scheme as your computer.


Firefox: Click on the ‘Tools’ menu or press the Alt + T keys. Then click on ‘Options’ or press the alphabet O to display the ‘Options’ window. Click on ‘Fonts and colours’, or you can press F to display the ‘Fonts and colours’ window. Then to set Firefox to use your windows colour scheme, click on the ‘Use system colours’ checkbox or ‘Tab’ to the checkbox and press the space bar to select it.


Read more on Internet Explorer Ease of Access options.

Keyboard support

The portal can be browsed using a keyboard by pressing the Tab, Shift and Enter keys.

Ability to hear the text

You can listen to the text on the portal by selecting the text and clicking on the speaker button. You can adjust the speed and other controls by clicking on the settings button of the ReadSpeaker software.

Scroll up button

You can use the scroll up button to go to the top of the page at the click of a button.

No or limited internet access 

If you or someone you know has no or limited access to the internet, you can contact us by phone and we shall answer your queries.


Phone: 171

International Calls: +971 4 7774049

P O Box: 116688.

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